Privacy Policy

WHOOK Safety Policy and Measures

Hi, welcome to Whook!

We believe that this app can bring you lots of happiness and fun. But we all know that the world is not all fun. There are really dangerous people everywhere. So, please carefully read this safety policy before you proceed with using the Whook app or other services we offer.

Our Commitment To You:

We are particularly concerned about our users’ safety, security, and well-being. We take pride in connecting people every day as a fast-rising dating app open to people of all races, genders and beliefs. We believe that any instance of misconduct or criminal behavior is one too many.

We’re always looking for new updates, collaborations, and technologies to help us improve and inform our safety efforts while also providing a welcoming environment for newcomers. Below is information on our safety tools and processes. No matter where you are, our mission is the same: to provide a secure and enjoyable experience for our platform’s users.